What Clients Are Saying

"Adrianne was such a positive part of our pregnancy and the birth of our daughter! My husband and I are both physical therapists, and we appreciated Adrianne's knowledge on how movements, positions, and breath work could help us to achieve our natural birth goals. During labor and delivery, she was a calm presence and helped us to stay focused on the beauty and power of the time, giving us a sense of control during our birth experience. The prenatal education and postpartum support she provided were invaluable. We would (and have!) highly recommend working with Adrianne as your birth doula!"

- Alaina

"Going into the birth of my first, I was afraid and didn't know what to expect. It was important to me to have a positive birthing experience as I knew I'd remember it for the rest of my life. When first meeting Adrianne, we talked and talked and I could tell her calming presence and confidence would be a great counterbalance to my uncertainty and my anxious feelings. Throughout all of our prenatal meetings, she was encouraging and you could tell she valued meeting me where I was at, and gauging what was important to me so she could honor my wishes. Our discussions made me really think through my feelings and thoughts in ways I hadn't considered before, which in turn helped me prepare for the process. Adrianne was incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the entire process, offering insights, knowledge and other resources to help me navigate through each turn. She was even there for me postpartum, continuing to check in on me and help out after everything was said and done. I appreciated everything she did for me."

- Ani

"Adrianne was very informative with all things pregnancy, delivery and baby related. I chose to have a water birth at a birthing center and used Hypnobabies techniques. Although Adrianne wasn’t a certified Hypnodoula she understood the concept and I had no doubt in her capabilities to keep me in the mindset of the teachings.  My husband and I were so grateful to have her there to help guide us through positions to adjust the baby as I was having horrible back pain. She brought a calming and confident feeling to the intense moments I was experiencing while in labor. She gave the perfect balance of offering a hand, being there to help advocate for my choices while also allowing my husband and I to work seamlessly together.  Not only was Adrianne so helpful to have before and during my labor she was a god send for all things after! I’m not sure how I would have survived through the anxious/concerning times if I didn’t have her to reach out to and to just be there to listen.  If there’s another birth in my future we’d hire Adrianne again, I couldn’t recommend her enough!!"

- Kimberly

"From the moment I met Adrianne, I knew she was the calm I needed during labor. She was an amazing physical and emotional support system for me and my husband before, during and after labor. I am so grateful to have had Adrianne on my birthing team and look forward to working with her on all future pregnancies."

- The Mara's

"I can’t express how much comfort Adrianne’s doula support has brought me throughout my pregnancy, during my prodromal labor mind games, and especially during active labor and the actual birth. The tens unit saved me! Her expertise, non-judgmental outlook, and calm demeanor throughout the whole process has been such a godsend for our family."

- Marian

"Adrianne was a delight to work with for the birth of our son. I truly believe our experience would have been completely different if she hadn't been there to guide and support us throughout the weeks prior to delivery and during labor itself. Adrianne made herself available to me whenever I needed and even came over on several occasions to help me through prodromal labor and guide me to engage baby. I wish I would have had her for our first!"

- Madison

"Adrianne was so amazing and helpful to not only me, but my partner Shaun! I truly don’t think my birth would have went as smoothly as it did without her! She is so gentle, kind, attentive, and caring. I felt so safe and supported by her."

- Grace

"As a partner it was so helpful to have someone really talk with me and not at me about birth education. I know I wasn't the one giving birth, but I still had many questions and Adrianne never judged me or was impatient with me. She really took her time to hear what I wanted out of this and that was fulfilling because I felt like everyone else on my wife's team didn't really care what I had to say and Adrianne made me feel valued and needed."

- Daniel

"(Adrianne) was the MOST help out of everyone on my team and I can not be more grateful for her. She was so respectful, and I loved the energy she always brought to every challenge that I faced."

- Clarissa

"She made me believe that I did everything I could. That I was strong. That mattered to me. I am thankful to the moon and back that I had her there."

- Ivory

"Adrianne was an incredible listener, really caring to answer my questions/concerns thoroughly. She is very sincere and genuine in her concert for her client. Adrianne was absolutely wonderful in so many ways before, during, and after the birth. She truly went above and beyond, and I could not be more grateful to have worked with her."

- Amy

"I wouldn't have been able to get through my natural labor without Adrianne! From the moment I met her I just knew that her calm and comforting spirt would bring me so much ease. She had taken so much time to make sure I was taken care of both physically and mentally for my my baby's birth day."

- Mahayla

"Adrianne did a fantastic job of guiding my husband and giving him tools so that he could be the most supportive partner possible. He was grateful that we decided to hire her. I would highly recommend Adrianne...!"

- Marian