Childbirth Education Classes

Prepare for Labor & Birth

Join me for a comprehensive childbirth education class to help you and your partner understand what choices you have in birth and how to clarify your values to make the choices that align with your innate wisdom.

I believe that with knowledge we are able to diminish fear and gain power.  We are often afraid of the unknown, but by taking a childbirth class you will gain knowledge and be prepared for what lies ahead.


We discuss so much…

  • How to choose your provider
  • How to choose your place of birth
  • Your options during labor, birth and postpartum
  • A bit of basic anatomy & physiology
  • Fetal positioning
  • What the flow of labor generally looks like
  • How partner support helps
  • Comfort methods
  • Breathing techniques
  • Importance of movement
  • Positioning options
  • Importance of postpartum care
  • And more!

I love helping you step into your power with the knowledge you need for a confident and empowered birth.


To fit your busy schedule, this is a 1-day in-person class on Saturdays. From 9am-5pm with a 1-hour lunch break. Cost is $195 per couple for the group class.


Small group classes. Classes will be held at the Birth Center in Auburn.


I am also happy to do a private in-home childbirth class for you if the group class schedule does not align for you.


Connect with me here to register, or call 253-254-5142 with any questions.

Current Group Class Schedule

  • April 27, 2024
  • May 11, 2024