Adrianne Buyer Birth Doula Tacoma Puyalllup

I’m a holistic birth doula serving families in Tacoma, Puyallup, and the surrounding areas. I love supporting families in their journey of learning to trust their body, their instincts, and to step into their power while bringing life into this world.

I’m a mama to one beautiful soul, a wife to an amazing, supportive man and a recent transplant to the PNW (learning to love the cold wet weather).  I love animals of all kinds especially dogs (and especially pitties), I’m a lifelong learner of all things, I love the sun, exploring nature, volunteering, cooking, and gardening. I’m a minimalist/barefoot shoe wearer and a jeans & t-shirt (now hoodie) girl. I am calm and caring and I trust my intuition.

My love of the birth world began when I decided I wanted to have a child and began immersing myself in information regarding birth, as much information as I could! At that time, I didn’t even know what a midwife or a doula was but when learning about them I felt very called to working with them. I found an amazing midwife and the best doula to support me and my husband through the home birth of our son. Throughout my own pregnancy, labor and birth, I learned to really listen to my body and trust my intuition. These events were empowering for me and transformed me in many ways. I feel I am a stronger person thanks to my experience and my firsthand understanding of how invaluable my husband, midwife and doula were as a support system during that time. It was through my pregnancy and birth experience that I first felt that I wanted to be a doula myself. Three years later the stars aligned for me to take a doula training and begin being present with families and holding space for them as they transition into parenthood. I would like to share this experience forward with others.

I’m also a certified Body Ready MethodSM Pro, certified in acupressure for labor and birth, a certified nutrition coach, and sugar detox coach.  I believe in whole body wellness - mental health, physical health and nutritional health. I believe you have responsibility and choice in all aspects of your life, but especially during the physiological process of birth, and I can be a guide to finding the resources you need to make those choices for yourself. Every family is unique and so are your choices for labor and birth. I strive to help you create the best pregnancy, labor & birth for you.


My Training & Certifications

Perinatal Grief and Loss Training - January 2023

TENS Unit During Labor Training - October 2022

Body Ready Method Certification - February 2022

Certified Birth Doula - March 2021

Acupressure Training for Labor Prep, Labor and Postpartum Certification - March 2021

Childbirth Educator Training - December 2020-Current

Lactation Support Your Way: Breast/Chest Feeding Training for Doulas - December 2020

Spinning Babies Training - October 2020

Birth Doula Training - June 2020

Restorative Wellness Practitioner (Level 1 & 3) - 2016 & 2017

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) - 2015

Mine & P's feet