What to Expect

As a birth doula I support families during the labor and birth of their baby.  I do not replace your partner, I help alongside them and support them as well.  During labor I hold space for you and am there for continuous physical support, emotional support, and to help obtain information.  I do not provide medical care of any kind or give any medical advice.

I offer two to four prenatal appointments at your home where we get to know each other and discuss your vision for your birth (environment, energy, etc.) and practice various coping techniques. During early labor I will join you at your home to assist you and your partner. As labor progresses I will be with you at your chosen place of birth to continue support until approximately 2-3 hours after the birth of your baby. I also offer one postpartum visit at your home to process the birth experience and to help answer questions about your healing, about your baby, or about feeding your baby.

Birth Doula

I also offer Body Ready MethodSM alignment and corrective sessions as an add on to my birth doula services.  During pregnancy we will work in one-on-one sessions in your home to help you optimize balance, strength and resiliency in your body to help stack the cards in your favor for the birth you are hoping to achieve. I can suggest positions and perform hands-on techniques, to create balance and space in the body to support the physiological process of birth. I can work with you in the immediate postpartum period to create a simple protocol to follow to encourage optimal recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. You can choose to have one session or three sessions – it’s completely up to you and how you feel it would help your body and birth.

Why you want to work with a Body Ready MethodSM Pro:

  • I have a deep understanding of how to help you prepare for your desired birth
  • I can help address and minimize pregnancy related aches and pains, such as back or pelvic pain
  • I can help you maintain or gain a functional core and pelvic floor
  • I can help you learn how to move during pregnancy to optimize fetal positioning
  • I understand what your baby is trying to do and the moves to help create space for baby to do it!
  • I have a deep understanding of birth positions
  • I use hands on balancing and release techniques to help create better baby positioning, space and yield
  • This work can help decrease pushing time during labor
  • I can support you into a smooth transition into recovery and postpartum

Birth Tub Rental

  • A birth tub can add so much comfort to your labor!
  • Increases comfort and mobility
  • Natural pain relief
  • Lowers stress and increases relaxation
  • Increases feeling of control
  • Gentle welcome for baby
  • Lower risk of significant tearing
  • Higher satisfaction with birth experience

I offer full service tub rentals for home births. This includes full delivery, set up, and then draining, cleaning and removing the pool. Supplies included are the tub liner, floor liner, debris net, thermometer.

I will be on call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks to come to you and set up the birth tub when you are in labor.

I offer support via phone/virtual, if needed.

TENS Unit Use and Rental:

  • TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation.
  • I offer the use of a TENS unit as part of my doula package -there is no additional cost for you as my client.
  • People say that a TENS unit reduced their experience of pain, particularly pain associated with back labor. You can use it in labor and stay mobile and remain clear-headed.
  • It is not hard to use but it will be helpful to try it out together prior to labor, at our prenatal, so you are familiar with it.
  • Most people report that having a TENS unit feels like pins and needles or your body part is “falling asleep”.
  • A TENS unit is most effective when you start during the early stages of your labor, but you can use it anytime.
  • You cannot use it in the water, electricity and water don’t mix. We can take it off and then put it on again when you get out of the water.
  • If you get an epidural then you will stop using the TENS unit at that time. The TENS unit is not used in areas or under circumstances where you do not have full sensation.
  • It does not interfere with fetal monitoring and there is no known risk to the baby.
  • There are a few medical conditions that make the TENS unit not a good choice for some people. Talk to your care provider to confirm that the TENS unit is a safe choice for you.